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To the northwest of Mayfield, just south of the Rittermarch lies a hidden structure; lost amidst the dense forest. In the depths of these woods, under the most ancient and gnarled oak lies a ornate stone archway; through which is a doorway to endless tunnels, dug by forgotten generations of dwellers. Where they all lead, no one knows; welcome to the Tomb of a Thousand Doors.

A collaborative effort by Bernpyle Press Creative Collective, the Mausritter Discord, ManaRampMatt Productions, the Mausriter Third-party license, and these amazing folks: Lux, Warchief, FriggingFrogs, Derek Mayne, Yar0d, Pulpee, Antonio Buch, Phybe, Matthew Morris, Kelly Bean, Kapithan, William Lambert, Lancraft, Liam McCrikard, TabletobRPG, BohemiaSpielkunst, Relic913, Flindermouse, Rat’s Nest Games, Bynouz, Xenio, ellohir, tim zee, Tumultous Tabletop, Owen McGauley, Marcos_BM, Fernando Salvaterra, and Isaac Williams.

All individual submissions can be found here: https://itch.io/jam/mausritter-megadungeon-mayhem-of-may

Tomb of a Thousand Doors is an independent production by various, amazing, creators and Bernpyle Press Creative Collective; it is not affiliated with Losing Games. It is published under the Mausritter Third Party Licence.

Mausritter is copyright Losing Games.

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AuthorManaRampMatt Productions
Tagsmausritter, megadungeon


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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Hey there everyone! Mausritter Megadungeon Mayhem was a huge success this past May. Massive thanks to all those who participated and made the Tomb of a Thousand Doors a reality. I have had so much fun reading through every submission and formatting the completed book. And wow, 176 pages of pure content! You all are so amazing! Huge shout out to Fernando Salvaterra as well for his map of the megadungeon complex, it is beautiful. 

I recently released the complete book and it is blowing up on itch.io and Twitter, so many people are snagging it and sharing it and I am blown away by all the support. It has also generated much speculation into a print run. I have connections with the fine folks at Exalted Funeral and I’ve run several successful crowdfunding campaigns so I have full expectation getting this in print could be a reality (and potentially in short order). However, in order for this to occur I would like to a couple things.

First off, I love all the individual submissions and the vibe they bring – y’all are so creative! So, no matter what comes of this, all the originals will remain in all their glory! The current complete book will also remain untouched. That said, If we do a print run there will need to be some edits to the submissions. I believe in this project and would LOVE to see it happen – so, I can do all the edits and reformatting, this is all I would need. 

  • Plain text, google doc, Word or some other editable form of the main text of each submission.

That is it! Hopefully easy enough, you could email the text or files at manarampmatt@gmail.com with ToaTD Sub as the subject line. 

Okay, so here is the plan…

  • First things first, getting you all paid for your work! If we crowdfund I’d love to get all of you a minimum of $100. Hopefully even more!
  • Salvaterra is onboard to do more maps! So this is freaking sweet! I believe for the deluxe print run a uniform map look is key.
  • I would take all the text and format the book to be uniform. 
  • We would bump the size to A4 so the page count (and cost) would reduce.
  • I will hire artists like Bruno Prosaiko, Felipe de Faria, Josiah Moore and others to do the cover art, beautiful scenes in the book and a secret project.
  • Secret project – a Tomb of a Thousand Doors game master screen full of quick references, tables, and stats. It will also feature beautiful artwork.
  • I also want to hire an artist to take every piece of art in the original and use them as a muse to recreate the artwork for uniformity throughout the whole book.

So… who is in and what are y’all’s thoughts? I would love to see this crowdfund enough to pay some of our friends in the French, Spanish, and German communities translate this work as well.

Please let me know. Thanks.

-Matthew Morris


Terrific idea. I'm totally in !!! 


Very glad to have contributed to the project.