Lots of progress! new text, new art, and more...

Hey y'all! Thanks for all the support over the past months! Lilliputians is beginning to take some form! I took a couple weeks off as I have a newborn but we are getting the ball rolling and this thing is finally coming together! What is new since the last upload? Well:

  • More text and mechanic edits with help from Yochai Gal
  • Some layout and design shifting thanks to consulting with Gontijo
  • Lots of artwork placed (and lots more to come)
  • A table of contents and ludography page
  • more tabels.

At this point, other than filling up the bestiary, the core rules and advanced rules are complete and are just in need of final textual edits. That means Lilliputian is game ready! What is left to do and what is the ETA? Well:

  • ETA is tough but final file will go live by June. Why is this? Well there are some dope art pieces still inbound...
  • Cover and Back art by Bruno Prosaiko is underway and should be down later this month
  • Licopeo is wrapping the sheets up this week and has agreed to do the official logo for Lilliputian, so I am stoked!
  • Alex (GnarledMonster) has a ton of art heading my way later this month too and I am pumped
  • Josiah Moore is officially on the art team too, so heck yeah! There is a piece arriving by May...

Non artwork to-dos include, and are truly limited to, a couple things:

  • Finish bestiary (this will happen pretty quick)
  • Write the FIVE example adventures (not as daunting as it sounds, they are fleshed out, not I just need to lay them out and they are each just a two page spread.)
  • Full and final layout... this includes placing all the remaining artwork, removing excess public domain art with art from the team and lastly; wrap up the appendices.   

Overall I am pretty stoked! Hope you enjoy!


BETA WIP Lilliputian: Adventure on the Open Seas 1.0 14 MB
92 days ago
Lilliputian Character Sheet (Mausritter Style).png 2 MB
92 days ago
Lilliputian Character Sheet (Cairn/ItO Style).png 1 MB
92 days ago
Lilliputian Ship Sheet.png 2 MB
92 days ago

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