SNEAK PEAK of What is to Come...

I have finished mapping out all 72 pages of this zine (72, I know, its a lot). But I am so excited!


  • 24 pages packed with tools for the GM. This includes more rulings and rules, tons of random tables to generate Oceans (430.6 million unique combinations, I proud of this), generate islands, settlements, cultures, factions and dungeons; as well as so much more!
  • 6 page bestiary with many sea-monsters, a sea-monster generator/builder. 2 more pages dedicated to notable NPCs (total of 8 pages of plug and play characters.)
  • 5 pre-generated adventures: 1 on the open seas, 1 island-crawl, 1 harbor adventure, 1 dungeon, 1 abandoned ship with a mystery.
  • An appendix stocked full of useful and flavorful tools for GMs and players alike...

Hope you are getting as excited as I am!


SNEAK PEAK of what will be on the 72 pages 355 kB
Feb 02, 2022

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