A downloadable additional rules

This is a supplement and addition rules for the amazing TTRPG game: HEARTSEEKER

Heartseeker is an adventure game inspired by those 1970s games like Basic and Expert rules as well as modern OSR games like OSE and others. This SUPPLEMENT seeks to add more flavor and options to this, already amazing, game. Please go support Trollish Delver Games and Scott Malthouse and purchase the original game. 

This supplement includes:

  • New Druid class 
  • Rules for RUNIC CIRCLES
  • 3 new BLOODLINES
  • OSR ascending/descending Armour Class converter 

Druid Playlist:

  • Run Through the Jungle - Credance Clearwater Revival
  • Dreams - Fleetwood Mac
  • Journey of the Socerer - The Eagles
  • Wheel in the Sky - Journey
  • Wildflowers - Tom Petty

DRUIDS AND MORE RULES is an independent production by Matthew Morris of ManaRampMatt for HEARTSEEKER. It is not affiliated with Heartseeker, Trollish Delver Games or Scott Malthouse. It is published under the CC by 4.0 license.

Border artwork by the amazing Fernando Salvaterra.

Cover artwork from public domain to my knowledge.


Druids and More Rules [Heartseeker].pdf 29 MB


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Thank you so much for making this! It is so good. It even inspired me to make my own classes to supplement the game, marking my first time publishing RPG content for the world. Here is my Bard and Barbarian Supplement.